DAMATE Group is a Russian agricultural holding company holding company, involved in three businesses: turkey production and processing, dairy farming and milk processing.

12 December 2018

Cattle importation to DAMATE and Danone complex in Tyumen region was completed

The importation of cattle to the dairy production complex for 4600 dairy cows DAMATE and Danone in Tyumen region was completed. The total number of livestock in the complex is 5350 heads.

The importation of DAMATE Group and Danone farms in Tyumen region was fully completed. The last planned batch of 241 heifers arrived at the farm from Holland at the end of the last week.

The importation of Holstein-Friesian breed heifers from Germany, Denmark and Holland was carried out at a predetermined schedule of 7 batches with sufficient intervals for careful selection of animals. Selection of cattle is carried out personally by livestock experts of DAMATE Group.

Heifers were delivered from Europe to Tyumen region by specialized trucks equipped with feeding, drinking systems, and manure removal. Each batch was accompanied by a qualified livestock specialist, who monitored animal’s welfare. The delivery took six days, taking into account daily stops at specialized parking lots for replenishment of feed, water and recreation of animals.

At the moment, the total number of livestock on the complex is 5350 heads. It is a calving period at the moment.  The milking herd counts 860 animals and is constantly increasing.

Now the complex produces about 28 tons of milk a day. All milk produced is processed at Danone plants, as was specified in the previously signed agreement.

The construction works on the complex entered the final stage; the enterprise will be fully commissioned by the end of the year. After reaching the designed capacity, the largest complex beyond the Urals will produce 45,000 tons of milk a year, over 9 tons of milk a year from one head.

September 19, 2017