DAMATE Group is a Russian agricultural holding company holding company, involved in three businesses: turkey production and processing, dairy farming and milk processing.

22 January 2019

DAMATE expands the cultivated area in tyumen region

DAMATE Group has finished preparations for the spring sowing season in Tyumen region. Preparatory works were carried out throughout the winter period; a large amount of work has been done: the equipment have been repaired and adjusted, mineral fertilizers and protective equipment and seeds of various crops have been fully purchased for sowing.

All available agricultural machinery has been prepared for work, new tools and mechanisms have been purchased. About 20 units of agricultural machinery will be involved in the sowing process: cultivators, seeders, spreaders, loaders and others.

In the run-up to the sowing season, training courses were hold for trainers and specialists. Leading experts were invited as instructors. As a result, evaluation of knowledge was conducted with further issuance of certificates. In addition, off-site mechanical loader driving courses were hold with the issuance of certificates as well. DAMATE took all the organizational costs.

The land bank DAMATE in Tyumen region is 12.5 thousand hectares. The company owns the largest dairy farm in Siberia - LLC Tyumen Dairy Farms. In connection with the formation of a reserve feed fund, this year the company increases the area hay and cereal crops cultivation ​​ by three times.

In 2018, DAMATE Group makes a number of changes in the crop rotation: by reducing the area of ​​grain sowing for corn, the area of ​ maize sowing for corn have been increased by three times, to 1058 hectares. This is primarily due to the high demand for corn in animal husbandry since the crop has a well-balanced composition. The share of cereals on the green mass in the company's crop rotation will be about 20% of the total area of ​​the haylage group. Cereal haylage contains little potassium, so it is suitable for nonmilking cows and young animals.

During the spring sowing season DAMATE also plans to sow crops such as spring rape, soybean, corn for silage and haylage, alfalfa, ryegrass, grass mixtures.

Taking into account the weather conditions, the company's specialists plan to start sowing at the end of April and carry it out in the shortest possible time.

April 10, 2018