DAMATE Group is a Russian agricultural holding company holding company, involved in three businesses: turkey production and processing, dairy farming and milk processing.

24 March 2019

DAMATE Group marked the fifth anniversary

Today, DAMATE Group is celebrating its fifth anniversary. For a short period of time the company moved forward, turning from a young Penza company into a large Russian agricultural holding. The achievements of the company are impressive:

  • Turkey producer №1 in Russia, implementation of the project for expansion up to 155 thousand tons per year;
  • The Penza leading processor of milk. Total processing capacity – up to 500 tons of milk per day;
  • The owner of the largest dairy production complex for 4,600 dairy cows in the Urals;
  • Total investment - 25.5 billion rubles, 21 billion of which are invested in Penza region;
  • 4000 employees all over the country.

DAMATE began its activity in 2012 in Penza region, having bought up incomplete construction of the complex for the production of turkey. The project was completely redesigned; its initial capacity was increased by several times. In addition, the new project provided for the possibility of further increase in production capacity. The first production was released in the spring of 2013.

In 2012, the largest in the region processor of milk, the Penza dairy processing plant (Molcom), joined DAMATE Group. Extensive renovation of the plant, affected all the production steps from milk acceptance to bottling of finished products.

The same year the company expanded geography of its activities by signing an agreement with the government of Tyumen region for the construction of the largest dairy production complex for 4,600 heads beyond the Urals. The partner of the company is Danone, as early as in March 2017 the complex began to produce milk.

Each of these projects became major achievement not only for the company, but also for the region and the industry as a whole.

The project for the expansion of production and processing of turkey up to 155 thousand tons per year in Penza region

As of now, DAMATE Group is the largest producer of turkey meat in the Russian Federation. Production facilities of the company are located in Penza region. Turkey meat production complex DAMATE has vertically integrated structure with a complete production cycle: incubation, breeding and fattening sites, a slaughter and processing plant, and a feed mill plant.

In 2016 the company produced 60 thousand tons of turkey, and now it is the leader in the industry. DAMATE continues to implement the expansion of its facilities. In October, the company announced that the existing capacity of the project will be increased up to 155,000 tons per year within two years. Total investment in the project for the period of its implementation will amount to 41 billion rubles.

Indilight branded assortment of products has over 300 positions. The products are sold in all federal trade networks, and also sold abroad. The project for the production of turkey, being implemented by DAMATE Group in Penza region, gave rise to the development of the region's economy. Since the beginning of the project, almost 14 kilometers of roads, 45 kilometers of communications have been built; more than 500,000 square meters of production facilities have been constructed.

The company has provided 3000 employment opportunities in the region, thanks to the expansion up to 155 thousand tons; this figure will increase to 5,500 positions. The salary of Damate’s employees is almost twice as high as the average for the region.

Since the beginning of its operations in the region, the company paid almost 700 million rubles to the budgets of all levels.

Milk production complex for 4600 heads in Tyumen region

The largest dairy production complex for 4600 cows beyond the Urals is located in the Golyshmanovsky district of Tyumen region. The project was launched in 2015, as part of a previously signed agreement between DAMATE and the Government of Tyumen region. Investments of DAMATE in the project amounted to 5.5 billion rubles. The partner in the project implementation is Danone.

After reaching full production capacity, the complex will produce 42,000 tons of milk per year. According to the level of technical equipment capability and the number of new developments, the complex in Tyumen region is one of the most advanced in the country.

The Penza dairy production plant

Milk processing is represented in DAMATE Group by the Penza dairy production plant (Molcom). Right after the acquisition, the company started the largest modernization in 20 years. All the sites were reconstructed: from the acceptance of milk to its production. On the basis of the work done, Molcom became the leading producer of dairy products in the region. The cost of reconstruction amounted to about 1.4 billion rubles.

The assortment of products produced at the enterprise has more than 100 positions. Molcom products are sold in Penza region, as well as in several other regions of Russia.

November 23, 2017

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