DAMATE Group is a Russian agricultural holding company holding company, involved in three businesses: turkey production and processing, dairy farming and milk processing.

26 April 2018

DAMATE Group started milk delivery to Danone

The delivery of milk from the Tyumen complex of DAMATE Group to the Danone processing plant has begun. The first 10 tons of milk were sent to the dairy plant last week.

OOO “Tyumen Dairy Farms” (entering DAMATE Group) supplied the first batch of milk totalling 10 tons to the processing plant Danone - Milk Plant “Yalutorovsky”. The dispatch of the first batch took place on 17 May as part of a signed agreement between DAMATE and Danone on the joint implementation of a project for construction of a dairy complex involving 4600 heads in Tyumen region. Under the terms of the agreement, the milk produced at the complex will be sold to Danone enterprises. By the end of the year DAMATE plans to supply 4.8 thousand tons of milk to the processing plants.

Before the dispatch, the full milk quality check was conducted on the main criteria: fat and protein content, number of somatic cells and presence of antibiotics. The processing plant was completely satisfied with the analysis results.

The implementation of the dairy production complex project by 4,600 heads was started in March 2016; the full commissioning is planned by the summer 2017. After reaching full capacity, the company plans to supply 45 thousand tons of milk per year to processors.

At the end of 2016 the first stage of the complex was put into operation. More than 3,3 thousand heads of Holstein-Friesen breed were imported to the farm, deliveries are ongoing as planned. 420 cows have already calved at the complex, every day the number of them increases by an average of 15 heads. As of now, on average the daily milk from one forage cow is 27 liters. After reaching full capacity, the company's specialists plan to get more than 9 tons of milk per head per year.

May 22, 2017