DAMATE Group is a Russian agricultural holding company holding company, involved in three businesses: turkey production and processing, dairy farming and milk processing.

23 February 2019

DAMATE launched a project with augmented reality

DAMATE was the first among agro-industrial companies in Russia to apply the augmented reality in products advertising using Shazam Visual Recognition technology. The campaign was launched jointly with the official representative of Shazam in Russia, the company Brainrus.

The technology of augmented reality makes it possible to show consumers how quick and easy they can prepare a burger from turkey. The application Shazam allows you to turn into the communication platform the most basic thing - the packaging of products.

To get access to the online game "Cook your IndiBurger" the user needs to scan the label on the thermocheck of chops for Indilight burgers through the Shazam application. The application turns the package Indilight into a virtual brazier. In the game, the user can test their skills for cooking burgers, as well as share the result with friends, as a result the advertising campaign gets viral coverage.

"Involving the user in the game mechanics adds emotional connection to the brand, especially for the generation of millennials, for which digital technology is an integral part of life, and it is they whom the burger line is focused on," said Head of the Digital Service of DAMATE, Evgenia Argentova.

One of the advantages of using Shazam technology is the ability to measure and analyze the number and quality of users involved.

Unlike QR code, Shazam is a service with its multi-million audience worldwide. In Russia, the number of active users of Shazam exceeds 9 million people, while the number of activations increases monthly.

May 28, 2018