DAMATE Group is a Russian agricultural holding company holding company, involved in three businesses: turkey production and processing, dairy farming and milk processing.

22 January 2019

DAMATE met with start-ups

DAMATE took part in the conference IIDF (Internet Initiatives Development Fun, dedicated to AgroTech. At the venue of the conference there was a discussion with representatives of the largest Russian and international agricultural companies - RusAgro, AgroTerra, Bayer and Cargil. The Deputy Director General of the company Stanislav Varich represented DAMATE at the event

The main event of the conference was a pitch-session – 5 minute performances of start-ups developing solutions in the field of agriculture.

Over the past month, the Fund received more than 60 applications from start-ups in the agricultural sector to participate in the pitch-session. Expert selection was carried out by 9 of them, who presented their technologies to the representatives of agro-companies and received feedback from market players. At the meeting participants discussed the issue of developing an operational business of startups with the help of a major partner and shared their experience in implementing startup solutions. Agro-market players showed interest in launching joint pilots with companies and are considering this possibility.

Sergei Negdoyaev, the IIDF Portfolio Companies Director, shared world trends in the development of the AgroTech market and his vision of this technology market development in Russia: "AgroTech Russia has just started to develop and venture transactions are still sporadic. However, our entrepreneurs create competitive solutions, the implementation of which can positively affect the effectiveness of agro-companies."

He explained that according to Harvard Business Review analytics, the companies with poor infrastructure don’t demonstrate high growth and those companies which quickly introduce breakthrough start-up solutions and have competitive competences in the sphere of innovations show the highest growth rates.

DAMATE Group is certainly interested in the introduction of new technologies in its production facilities. At present, technology companies pay a lot of attention to solving problems in crop production. Meanwhile, there are not less interesting tasks in animal husbandry that are ready to be discussed. The company is considering the possibility of integrating innovative solutions in the process of animals growing, including application of predictive analytics and Big Data, computer vision technology, as well as improving the efficiency of processing products using robotics," said Stanislav Varich, Deputy General Director of Damate.

In the next few years, the Fund plans to strengthen its share of the venture market in the field of AgroTech. The Fund invests in start-ups from 2.5 to 324 million rubles in exchange for the share of a growing IT company. In the investment focus of the FRIE are supply management technologies, robots and various equipment, including drones, farm management, sensors, IoT (Internet of things) and biotechnology.

April 9, 2018