DAMATE Group is a Russian agricultural holding company holding company, involved in three businesses: turkey production and processing, dairy farming and milk processing.

23 February 2019

DAMATE organized training courses for the employees of Molcom commercial department

DAMATE Group started a training program for employees of the commercial service of Molcom. The training was organized in connection with significant expansion of assortment matrix.

The first training sessions took place at the end of April and will be further held on a regular basis. Internal experts spoke about secrets of the company's success, product uniqueness, competitive advantages, novelties and the most popular positions of Molcom among buyers. The study of the entire technological production chain made it possible to disclose methods of manufacturing products with an emphasis on quality. During the training, tasting session of the product line was organized - the participants could compare Molcom products with similar positions of other companies, and pass the "blind" tasting test.

A tour of the production facilities with the chief technologist made it possible to see the modern equipment, the details of production, which make Molcom product truly natural.

Employee training will help to expand knowledge about the products that will help to allocate Molcom products among competitors, emphasize its merits and provide wide demand among buyers.

"Modern production sets the development of new technologies, and hence the improvement of staff competence level. DAMATE in cooperation with the corporate university pays close attention to training, constantly expanding the formats and methods of development. We are confident that our employees are the drivers of the company's growth," commented Deputy CEO of HR Resources Management of DAMATE, Polina Konnova.

May 8, 2018