DAMATE Group is a Russian agricultural holding company holding company, involved in three businesses: turkey production and processing, dairy farming and milk processing.

22 January 2019

DAMATE will teach consumers to cook turkey meat

In early April, DAMATE Group launched an advertising campaign called "It will be juicy" of Indilight brand on Russian television. Three videos, dedicated to the approaching of a grill season were launched at the same time on the air.

"We conducted a number of surveys among buyers and found out that the main reason why people don’t buy turkey meat is the lack of knowledge regarding cooking it properly," said Daria Lashchenko, marketing director of DAMATE Group. - The main secret is that breast fillet needs to be cooked quickly, after that meat will be juicy and tender. Of course, the technology of growing, feeding and cooling also is of importance."

DAMATE decided to help its consumers and teach them the ways of cooking Indilight branded turkey meat. The company has shot a series of 20 seconds colorful commercials, in which a buyer is given a visual recipe for a dish of turkey, as well as simple tips for cooking Indilight products. The video features turkey steaks, mixed grill: sweets, shish kebabs, marinades from turkey, and also a novelty - INDIburgers.

The presentation of the videos will last until the end of May on the air of the leading TV channels throughout Russia: 1st Channel, Channel One Russia, TNT, STS, Domashniy, TV-3, Friday, TNT4, Fifth channel, MATCH TV.

April 12, 2018