DAMATE Group is a Russian agricultural holding company holding company, involved in three businesses: turkey production and processing, dairy farming and milk processing.

23 February 2019

Director of Turkey Production makes speeches at the conference of Aviagen Turkeys in France

Director of Turkey Production, Eduard Mailyan made speeches at the conferences dedicated to the development of the turkey industry. The organizer was Aviagen Turkeys, the world leader in the genetics and breeding of turkey.

The organizers and participants presented a report on the selection achievements of Aviagen Turkeys, announced new turkey cross-breeds. Special attention was paid to biosecurity issues and prevention of turkey diseases, new trends in feeding.

E.Mailyan told about the history of the poultry industry development in Russia since the collapse of the USSR and noted that poultry breeding played the dominant role in the restoration of the industry.

Turkey breeding has the highest rates of development in the world in 10 years - about 25% per year. This figure in the coming years will only increase, as interest in turkey meat is very high both among domestic consumers and world importers.

"Russia is among the world market leaders, achievements of DAMATE play an important role in this process," stressed E.Mailyan. "Therefore, participation in international conferences is of particular importance for representatives of the turkey industry in Russia. This makes it possible to exchange information and experience with the best representatives of the industry from all over the world. "

The event was held in the commune of Chateaubourg in France. The conference was attended by representatives of the largest producers and processors of turkeys from around the world, employees of feed and veterinary enterprises, managers and leading specialists of Aviagen Turkeys.

May 29, 2018