DAMATE Group is a Russian agricultural holding company holding company, involved in three businesses: turkey production and processing, dairy farming and milk processing.

23 February 2019

Indilight launches a joint project with "Gastronom" edition

DAMATE Group launched a joint gastronomic project with the magazine "Gastronom", dedicated to the beginning of the grill season.The official website of  "Gastronom" publishes turkey recipes, developed by chefs of the most respected cooking publishing houses.

The project has been launched in mid-April and will last until June 15. The site gastronom.ru features illustrated recipes of dishes, the exact number of ingredients and step-by-step descriptions of preparations. Recipes are specially designed by chefs of "Gastronom" and are ideal for grilling. The recipes of various levels of complexity - from simple kebabs to Mexican tacos are posted on the website. The goal of the project is to teach consumers how to cook turkey meat correctly.

"Thanks to the launch of the joint project Indilight and "Gastronom", consumers have the opportunity to diversify their menu and learn how to properly cook turkey dishes. Grilled turkey is a healthy and tasty alternative to traditional fatty meat. However, not everyone knows how to cook it properly, that the chef of "Gastronom" perfectly understands," commented marketing director of Damate, Daria Lashchenko.

The assortment line of Indilight branded products counts over 300 items. The wide range of Indilight products gives buyers a chance to prepare absolutely new turkey dish every weekend.

Follow the link to read  recipes https://www.gastronom.ru/digest/2018/bbq/group?id=5&group=1

April 26, 2018