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26 April 2018

A meeting of generations was held at DAMATE

The event "The Meeting of Generations", dedicated to the Great Victory Day was held at DAMATE Group. More than 140 employees of the company and their children as well as invited witnesses of the war years, those who caught the war in their childhood, took part in the event on 5 May.

For the honorary guests a small concert was organized, songs of the war years were rendered. After the concert all those present watched cartoons of the after war time. Each pensioner was presented with gifts from DAMATE Group.
Under the event, the winners of the children's drawing contest "We Are the Inheritors of Victory" were also awarded. Children of the company's employees from Moscow, Penza and Tyumen regions aged from 3 to 14 took part in the competition. A few weeks before the event, the children were invited to draw pictures dedicated to 9 May and sent to the personnel department. A total of 72 works were sent. The best drawings in different age categories were selected by the voting in the official group of the company in "VKontakte", more than 630 people took part in the voting.

Among winners were: Eskina Karina (3 years old), Slivina Elena (5 years old), Alkin Ruslan (7 years old), Nikonov Daniel (7 years old), Danil Orlov (10 years old), Anna Khachatryan (10 years old), Alexey Zaplakhov (11 years old), Nikolashina Polina (11 years old), Kiselev Artem (13 years old). They received craft kits and diplomas of DAMATE Group, all participants received souvenirs.

The holding of such events became a good tradition in DAMATE Group. Each year employees and their children come together to honor memory of veterans, remind the price of victory and convey the memory of the great war to younger generation.

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