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26 April 2018

Molcom expanded the range of cream yoghurts for infants

The Penza dairy processing plant expanded the product range for children. Strawberry and apple flavored types of cream yoghurt for infants are now available at the Penza stores.  And now the range of Molcom branded cream yoghurts for infants comprises the following five items with different flavors: plain, Pear, Apricot, Strawberry and Apple. This is a certified range of cream yoghurts recommended for infants from 6 month+.


Molcom pays great attention to its product range for children. Continual improvement of products quality is the main target of the modernization process being led at the plant. Cream yoghurt for infants is produced on the modern equipment by meant of ultrafiltration, thus ensuring soft and creamy consistency. Only natural, fresh milk but not milk powder is used for production. Entering the plant all raw milk undergoes the laboratory check to ensure the absence of antibiotics and other foreign substances. 

The company has an increased focus on fillers added in cream yoghurts as well. Each of them was carefully selected. Only natural and certified fillers are used for production of cream yoghurts for infants.

Along with the appearance of new cream yoghurt flavors the company launched an advertising campaign. The video commercial shows young consumers telling why they choose Molcom branded cream yoghurt.

March 16, 2017