DAMATE Group is a Russian agricultural holding company holding company, involved in three businesses: turkey production and processing, dairy farming and milk processing.

12 December 2018

Naum Babaev took part in the Agribusiness Forum "Leadership of the Russian AIC: how to achieve a sustainable growth"

Chairman of the Board of Directors of DAMATE Group Naum Babaev addressed the Agribusiness Forum "Leadership of the Russian AIC: how to achieve a sustainable growth". The Forum was held on October 4 and became the main event of the business program of the annual Russian agro-industrial exhibition "Golden Autumn", organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

The event, moderated by the Deputy Director of All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Sergey Brilev, was attended by the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev, the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply of Brazil Blyra Maggi, representatives of the business community from Russia, Ireland and Switzerland. During the open discussion of the forum, the participants discussed the main trends in the Russian and global market of agricultural products and food industry.

Naum Babaev spoke on the issue of logistics, which in the next few years will be one of the most important factors determining the situation in the meat market. DAMATE Group, operating in a completely new market segment, is working in line with current market trends and paying special attention to the supply traffic to store shelves and its products quality.


"The consumer demands from us the maximum level of service: he wants to receive not just fresh cooled meat, but also the most convenient for further cooking: a fixed weight, previously sliced, divided into portions," said Naum Babaev.

Speed is a main competitive advantage in the modern market conditions, according to Naum Babaev. That is why DAMATE will invest 15.5 billion rubles in the expansion of the existing production and construction of a new plant, the launch of which is scheduled for early 2018. After a new plant will be put into operation, DAMATE Group will be able to produce 36 types of assortment items at a time, 80% of which have a fixed weight. In addition, the processing speed of orders will be reduced from 12 hours to 50 minutes, all processes will be maximally automated, and products quality will be monitored by artificial intelligence.

In light of this, the most critical issue is the quality of Russian roads, because the average speed of delivery is 50 km/h, it takes about 12 hours to deliver products from Penza to Moscow, which virtually negates all the efforts of producers to reduce the processing time of orders.


"Retail has modern logistics distribution centers that allow for quick acceptance and monitoring of temperature conditions, a producer is ready to produce high-quality goods as quickly as possible, the issue of road capacity is open. I hope that this will become a strategic task at the state level," said Naum Babaev.

October 6, 2017