DAMATE Group is a Russian agricultural holding company holding company, involved in three businesses: turkey production and processing, dairy farming and milk processing.

23 February 2019

The Penza enterprises of Damate Group pay over 731 million rubles of taxes and fees for 9 months

The Penza enterprises of Damate Group paid over 731 million rubles of taxes and fees to the budgets of all levels.

Damate Group is represented in Penza region by the largest Russian turkey production complex and the leading Penza dairy production plant. Today, Damate is one of the most significant taxpayers in Penza region. The funds paid to the budgets of all levels by the enterprises of the group are of great importance for the economy of the region, they contribute to the development of rural areas, create the basis for a normal life of the region.

For nine months, the Penza enterprises entering the holding have paid over 731 million rubles to the budget and to the social funds of the Russian Federation. Including more than 327 million - in the Pension Fund, in social and compulsory health insurance funds. About 372 million was transferred directly to the budget of Penza region.

Today, a number of turkey production facilities of Damate are operating in the region: an incubator, growing and fattening sites, a feed milling plant, an elevator, a poultry processing plant. The company is located in the Nizhnelomovsky, Kolyshleysky, Vadinsky, Mokshansky, Spassky districts. In total, the turkey production division employs over 3,400 people. More than 680 people work at the Penza dairy processing plant, which occupies a leading position in the regional milk processing market. Damate Group expands production facilities and constantly creates new positions.

Damate Group is a bright positive example of effective interaction between business and the state. We not only build new competitive enterprises, produce high-quality products, create jobs with decent wages, but also provide stable tax revenues to the budget, that is, we are actually creating a stable platform for the further development of the region,” said General Director of Damate Group, Rashid Khairov.

October 18, 2018