An artificial intelligence system started functioning at the complex Damate in Tyumen region

Dairy farming

Damate Group was the first in the country to introduce an artificial intelligence system in the maternity ward of its dairy complex in Tyumen region. The project was implemented specifically for Damate by Connectome specialists. Ai by residents of Skolkovo. The company specializes in the implementation and support of computer vision and machine learning solutions.

The calving process is one of the most important stages in dairy farming and requires continuous monitoring. That is why Damate decided to give this process under the control of artificial intelligence, thereby reducing the influence of the human factor.

A maternity ward at the dairy complex is equipped with a camera system that is under control of Animal Care artificial intelligence. The software works without human intervention, provides remote monitoring and notification of personnel 24/7. An intelligent monitoring system determines the birth of calves and timely, in real time, notifies the staff of the complex about the addition to the herd – a message about the birth of the calf is sent to employees by phone.

“Obtaining up-to-date information on calf birth in real time helps preserve the health and potential of young animals, which positively affects the production performance of the complex,” said Andrey Grigorashchenko, Director General of the Tyumen dairy farms.

In addition, the system ensures compliance with the rules and the implementation of mandatory procedures. The company plans to further expand control over important operations with the help of artificial intelligence.

The dairy complex Damate located in the Golyshmanov district of Tyumen region was commissioned in 2017, and in 2019 it was expanded up to 6 thousand heads. In terms of technical equipment and the number of innovative developments, Damate Farm is one of the most advanced farms in the country. All production decisions are aimed at the well-being of animals in loose housing. Technological solutions are carefully thought out and provide maximum comfort for animals and the convenience of staff. The facilities of the complex are equipped with modern equipment from leading Russian and Western manufacturers.