Damate announced the launch of a new brand of duck meat products at the conference of the Vedomosti newspaper

Turkey production

Damate Group is launching a new brand for duck meat products Ozerka. Marketing Director Daria Laschenko told about it at the conference of the newspaper Vedomosti.

Damate Group plans to sell duck meat products produced at the plant in Rostov region under the new brand Ozerka. Marketing Director Daria Lashchenko shared the details of the brand launch with the participants of the Agrarian Forum of Russia, an annual project of the Vedomosti business publication, which took place on November 18 in Moscow.

A wide range of chilled and frozen products will be produced under Ozerka brand. The assortment line includes both a whole duck carcass as well as lumpy and small lumpy products: breast and breast fillet, chicken leg, drumstick and thigh, chopped semi-finished products, offal. There are also various positions in marinades: devilled duck, marinated carcass and lump, boneless semi-finished products.

Damate plans to use various formats of modern packaging, taking into account the characteristics of the product and the preferences of consumers. Stylish, original, bright design compares favorably with other manufacturers. The design concept underlines the brand's expertise in duck meat and creates a unique brand identity.

Damate has successful experience in the development of niche categories in the poultry market, among them – Indilight branded turkey meat. We will also use the proven approach to product promotion for the new duck brand. Our main goal is to make duck meat not a festive dish but one for the regular consumption," commented Daria Lashchenko, Deputy Marketing Director of Damate," Ozerka is a brand that offers a fresh look at duck products. This is a qualitatively new Russian product that goes beyond the traditional consumption of duck on a holiday, forming and developing a culture of consumption of duck as a product for daily consumption. It combines Russian heritage and a European style. With these products, village and farm traditions become part of modern life."

The target audience of the brand will be men and women aged 25-55 years who appreciate high-quality products, love variety in food, enjoy spending time together with family and friends, receive guests, and rely on healthy and high-quality food.

The first products will hit the stores in December of this year and will be presented in federal and local networks, in national retail outlets, as well as in institutions of HoReCa Сhannel. Damate is also considering the possibility of exporting products.

Damate has begun duck production in May 2020 after signing an agreement with Rosselkhozbank JSC on a concession of the rights of requirements for obligations of Donstar LLC, which owns the largest complex in Russia for the industrial production of duck meat with a capacity of 16.5 thousand tons in slaughter weight per year. New Duck Farms LLC (part of Damate Group) became the new creditor. The company leased the Donstar property complex and started resuming production: in October 2020, it began delivering the hatching duck egg to the incubator, in November 2020, Damate Group delivered the first batch of one day old ducklings to the breeding site, and started to form the parent duck flock.


The Agricultural Forum of Russia is an annual project of the business publication Vedomosti, which brings together representatives of government authorities and leaders of the agro-industrial sector to discuss the current agenda and future system-forming changes. https://events.vedomosti.ru/events/agr20