Damate announces impacts of social policy at year-end 2019

Turkey production

Damate Group is summing up the results of a new social policy, in the framework of which the company launched 11 programs that are not provided by the labor code of the Russian Federation at the end of 2018. Total investments amounted to more than 230 million rubles.

Social programs launched at Damate in 2019 are aimed at increasing the involvement and loyalty of the company employees.

Among three most popular ones are: “Program for the provision of subsidies for food” in the canteens of manufacturing enterprises, “Preferential prices for their own products” and “Program of corporate events” for employees and their children. By the end of the year, more than 2,000 employees regularly participated in food subsidy programs in production canteens, aimed at compensating up to 50% of the cost of meals.

In the framework of the program “Preferential prices for own products”, which gives the company employees the right to purchase turkey meat and dairy products at special prices, 10,000 applications from employees were received in 2019. Turnover amounted to 185 tons worth over 35 million rubles.

The most popular was “Corporate events program”, 42% of employees took part in it. 93 events were organized for employees of the company, including events for children in the framework of the Academy Damate. Compared to the previous year, the number of participants increased by 35%.

Over 800 or 13.5% of the total number of employees took advantage of “Material assistance program” last year. The main reasons for allocating funds were marriages and the birth of children.

Launched programs are aimed at maintaining and developing the professionalism of employees within the corporate university. Programs for the delivery of personnel to jobs, compensation for the cost of parking spaces and others were implemented as well.

 “Social programs are an efficient instrument to raise loyalty and engagement of staff. Their implementation in 2019 allowed us to maintain staff turnover rate at the level of 2018, as well as attract new employees in Damate,” commented Polina Konnova, HR deputy director general, “At the end of 2019, some of the programs became available to employees working in the Stavropol Territory. Since the start of 2020, as part of the Healthy Lifestyle program, workers from the Mokshansk, Kamensk and Narovchat districts will have the opportunity to visit the pools.

In 2020, Damate plans to expand the areas of loyalty programs and the geography of their implementation.