Damate created 780 new jobs in 2019

Turkey production

Damate Group continues to increase the number of jobs. At the end of 2019, Damate recruited more than 780 people of 200 professions in all regions of the company's presence. Thus, the headcount for the year increased by 14% and currently amounts to more than 6 thousand people.

The positive dynamics of the growth in the number of jobs is the result of the systematic implementation of Damate projects in all areas of activity: turkey production, milk processing, dairy farming, lamb production.

The largest number of jobs was created in Penza region. More than 600 people have started working at turkey production facilities. The number of jobs increased in connection with the implementation of the project for expansion of the production capacity up to 155 thousand tons per year. In 2019, Damate opened the largest poultry processing plant in Europe, commissioned new poultry breeding and feeding sites, and launched a new feed mill with an elevator.

60 people were recruited to the largest milk processing enterprise in Penza region – the Penza dairy plant. The increase in the number of jobs is due to the ongoing modernization of production and the commissioning of new facilities.

The number of Damate employees in Tyumen region increased by 26 people, where the company implements a project to expand the dairy complex, as a result of which the number of cows will increase from 4,600 to 6,000 heads.

Damate continues to implement the project for the production of lamb in the Stavropol Territory; over the year, the number of company employees in the region has increased by more than 20 people.

 "The launch of new projects and the development of existing production facilities give Damate the opportunity to attract both experienced and young professionals. We’ve done a great amount of work and maintained high dynamics of the annual increase in the number of employees, partly owing to the formation of various programs for the personnel and the strong Damate HR brand," said Polina Konnova, Deputy Human Resources Director General of Damate Group, "regardless of qualifications and work experience, the company guarantees all employees official employment, decent working and leisure conditions and the possibility of professional growth."