Damate passes Audit for Export to Saudi Arabia

Turkey production

Damate Group passed an audit conducted by specialists from the Food and Drug Administration of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (SFDA) at the turkey slaughter and processing plant PenzaMolInvest LLC.

A request for the right to export turkey products to KSA was submitted to the Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance Service in 2018, but SFDA specialists visited the Russian Federation only this year to assess Russian poultry producers.

During the audit, the inspectors examined in detail the work of the enterprise, checked its condition, production processes and documentation for compliance with SFDA requirements.

Saudi experts praised the current system for monitoring the safety and quality of products from hatching eggs and feed to packaging and shipping finished turkey products to customers, and also made a number of recommendations for improving production processes that the company introduced immediately after the audit.

Based on the audit of Russian poultry producers, the SFDA plans to issue a summary report in March, to which PenzaMolInvest LLC will be officially included in the list of authorized enterprises.

Thus, Damate will expand the geography of exports of turkey meat products and begin deliveries to Saudi Arabia, the largest market in the Middle East.