Damate received Halal certificate from Saudi Arabia

Turkey production

During the audit, which took place in two stages, SFDA specialists inspected production facilities, studied in detail the documentation of the current food safety management system, the practice of applying and knowledge of the rules and regulations for poultry slaughtering and processing according to the canons of Islam.

Particular attention was paid to the process of turkey slaughtering without using electrical stunning. This technology is possessed by an extremely limited number of enterprises in the world, in the turkey breeding industry there are only a few such companies. To obtain accreditation for export to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (the KSA), it is necessary to combine manual slaughter, absence of poultry stunning and control of independent inspectors of an international accredited center, which was successfully demonstrated by Damate.

To undergo certification, quality and export sales specialists, in cooperation with the plant management and Halal service, developed and implemented Halal Assurance System and Halal Management System for the first time in Russia in record time. Both systems were recognized as fully compliant with the standards of the KSA and the Council of the Gulf States, which became the basis for obtaining the final certification.

Damate has already started to develop the first lots of turkey products according to the requirements of the KSA, they are planned to be shipped in the next two months.

It should be reminded that Damate began to develop its export direction in 2015. The company has permits for the supply of turkey meat products to the countries of the European Union, the Eurasian Economic Union, and 26 other countries of the world, including China, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and African countries. In 2019, the company exported over 1.4 thousand tons of turkey meat products.