Damate saved 4.6 million rubles thanks to the introduction of a modern fuel monitoring system

Turkey production

Damate saved 4.6 million rubles as a result of the introduction of a modern system of monitoring, accounting and control of fuel at enterprises of Penza region. For this purpose, more than 100 units of agricultural machinery and trucks of the company were equipped with special trackers of the GPS / GLONASS monitoring system.

Damate Group, the largest producer of turkey meat in Russia, saved 4.6 million rubles as a result of using a new modern system for monitoring, accounting and control of fuel at enterprises of Penza region. According to the company's specialists, the cost reduction for diesel fuel over 1.5 years was 6% of the previously used volume.

Damate began writing of diesel fuel based on the data on the actual balances of the GLONASS system since March 2019. It is important that during the same period the company has increased the cultivation area by 46%, up to 32 thousand hectares.

Damate uses modern management and safety technologies in its work; therefore it was decided to equip agricultural machinery and transport serving crop production in Penza region with GPS / GLONASS monitoring systems, fuel accounting and control. For this purpose, tractors and combine arvesters of the company, as well as KamAZ trucks - more than 100 pieces of equipment were equipped with special trackers.

The new system made it possible to monitor vehicles and control fuel consumption in real time, exclude its inappropriate use, optimize consumption, thus reducing the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere and reducing the environmental burden on the environment.

At present, in Penza region, Damate Group is completing a project for turkey growing and processing with a capacity of 155 thousand tons per year. The company’s own crop production is one of the advantages of the vertically integrated structure of Damate. The presence of high-performance equipment numbering more than 100 units of self-propelled equipment and more than 180 units of trailed equipment for various purposes, the use of advanced technologies and our own land bank of 49.5 thousand hectares in seven regions allows us to almost completely provide poultry with feed of our own production.

Let’s remind that at the end of August 2020, Damate announced the start of the development of a long-term “Strategy for Sustainable Development”. This is a comprehensive program with a list of specific measures that will be aimed at improving the company's performance in the social, economic and environmental spheres. Sustainable development is an international current trend. Damate will become one of the few large Russian holdings planning to launch a strategy modeled on the best Western companies. The company plans to adopt a strategy by the end of 2020 and start implementing it.