Damate signed more than 20 cooperation agreements with farms of the Stavropol Territory

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Damate Group has signed more than 20 services contracts for the development of sheep farming with the heads of farming in the Stavropol Territory. The agreements were signed as part of the company’s project for the production and processing of lamb. Damate was the first in Russia to start providing services to farms, which will become a raw material base. The project operator will be Farmer Service LLC.

The goal of the project is to introduce effective sheep breeding and keeping technology in farms, increase the rate of in vivo formation of meat productivity and consumer properties. Cooperation will increase the fertility rate per one ewe per year, including the use of advanced technologies of animal genetics, as well as reduce the incidence and increase the safety of the herd.

Under the terms of the agreements, Damate Group acts as a service company and is committed to provide a range of services in the field of sheep husbandry for the development of the customer’s economy in accordance with modern technologies and agricultural standards to achieve the intended goals.

As part of the agreement, Damate conducts an initial audit of the sheep farm, based on the results of which it develops a technological map and implements a development program on the basis of the farm.

The program of support for the development of sheep husbandry in the region, which is provided by Damate, includes services in the field of genetics and breeding, reproduction of the herd, feeding, veterinary medicine and livestock. In accordance with the signed agreements, the company draws up a breeding plan and crossbreeding schemes; selects breeder’ stock; provides hormonal stimulation during the reproduction of the herd; creates a feed base, feeding schemes and diets; forms a plan for vaccination and veterinary treatments; carries out modernization of technical processes, etc.

Damate is ready to pick up the livestock for subsequent slaughter and processing.

The project in the Stavropol Territory has been implemented as part of the investment agreement between Damate and the Government of the Stavropol Territory since the end of 2018.

It should be reminded that in February and early March, Damate held a series of meetings with farmers of the Stavropol Territory, in which more than 400 people took part. During the meetings, the company introduced the representatives of farms a program to support the development of sheep husbandry in the region.