Damate to increase capacity of turkey deep processing plant by 40%

Turkey production

Damate Group, one of the largest turkey producers in Russia, has decided to increase the design capacity of the turkey deep processing plant, the construction of which is nearing completion in the Penza region. According to the plan, the processing capacity will be increased from 214 up to 303 tons of products per day, or by 40%. The project will be completed by the end of 2021.

Damate plans to additionally invest 1.8 billion rubles in the construction of the plant; the total investment is 8.8 billion rubles. Rosselkhozbank JSC plans to act as a financial partner of the project.

The capacity of the project will be increased by installing additional lines for the production of sausages, hams and semi-finished products. In addition, as part of the equipping of the plant, it is planned to create two laboratories: one of which is intended for research and development (RND), and the second for quality control of products.

"We see the potential for growth in sales of turkey meat products, the supply for which is currently almost completely unrepresented on the market. Therefore, it was decided to invest in the installation of additional production lines and significantly expand the product range. The quality of our product has always been and remains important to us. The two modern laboratories that we plan to create as part of the expansion of the project will allow us to fully control this aspect. In the complex, our consumer will have the opportunity to expand their choice due to the appearance on the shelves of a new line of high-quality innovative products from turkey," commented Ivan Shchichko, Financial Director of Damate Group.

The deep processing plant is located in the Nizhnelomov district of Penza region. The project, which began at the end of 2018, is in its final stages and will be finished in 2020. The enterprise plans to produce a wide range of products exclusively from turkey meat, including dry-cured sausages, hams, boiled sausages and sausages, and semi-finished products.