Damate to put 3.4 thousand hectares of fallow lands into agricultural turnover

Turkey production

Damate Group will cultivate 3.4 thousand hectares of fallow lands in the regions of its presence in 2020. Of these, more than 2.7 thousand hectares will return to agricultural production in the areas of Penza region and 671 in Tyumen.

The need to increase the land area in cultivation is due to the expansion of the Damate’s project for expansion of turkey meat production up to 155 thousand tons in slaughter weight per year and reaching the full capacity of the livestock complex in Tyumen by 6 thousand heads in 2020.

Damate will invest 43 million rubles to put into agricultural turnover fallow lands in 2020.

Damate is systematically working on the introduction of agricultural land throughout the life of the company in the region. Over the past 2019 alone, the company put into agricultural turnover about 3.2 thousand hectares of previously uncultivated arable land in Penza region.

Crop production is one of the important activities of Damate in the region. Lands are located in the Nizhnelomov, Narovchat, Vadinsk, Spassk, Kolyshley and Mokshansk districts. The total land bank of the company in Penza region today is about 43.6 thousand hectares, of which 32.1 thousand are used for agricultural production.

The work will cover almost all areas of the company's presence in the region. A new territory for the company – the Pachelm district is planned to be a leader in the volume of land commissioning. Here, Damate specialists will root out woody vegetation on an area of ​​600 hectares. In addition, this year 404 hectares of land will be put into circulation in the Nizhnelomov district, 728 and 745 hectares of land in the Narovchat and Mokshansk districts, respectively, in the Spassk – 212, and in the Kolyshley district – 38 hectares.

It should be noted that Penza region holds leading positions among the subjects of the Russian Federation in the input of fallow lands in agricultural turnover. Among the agricultural producers in the region who are working with fallow lands, Damate Group is distinguished by a large systematic approach to the commissioning of agricultural land and the effective use of the company's land bank. The company applies advanced technologies for growing crops and demonstrates positive dynamics in crop production.