Molcom increases investment up to 1.5 billion rubles in production modernization

Milk processing

The largest milk processor in Penza region, the Penza dairy plant (part of Damate Group) increased investments up to 1.5 billion rubles in the modernization of production facilities. To date, 800 million rubles have already been invested. The project to expand production capacities is financed from own funds and at the expense of credit resources of the Russian Agricultural Bank "Rosselkhozbank".

These funds are aimed at improving the quality of dairy products, increasing the production volume of popular products and expanding the range by introducing new products to the market.

Molcom invested in the modernization of such infrastructure areas as the ice water cooling system and the air cooling system for the cold storage of finished products. New capacitive equipment was installed and commissioned in the milk storage tank as well as a new electrical substation and a modern automatic washing station.

In addition, the milk processing room and finished products warehouse are being reconstructed; the artificial intelligence project has been implemented, which allows using machine vision to control the implementation of sanitary regulations by employees.

"For many years, Molcom has occupied the place of the largest dairy enterprise in Penza region, whose products are familiar to almost every resident of our region. High quality and safety have been and remain our main priorities, so we are actively investing in the modernization of production facilities, importing modern equipment, introducing the latest developments. A significant, almost one and a half times, increase in investments in re-equipment will allow us to bring the plant to a whole new technological level, " said Rashid Khairov, co-founder and general director of Damate Management Company.

In 2019, Molcom keeps up expanding the range of dairy products, which allows to satisfy the most demanding tastes of consumers. Due to the investment fund, a new line for the production of Dessertel branded cottage cheese desserts was launched, as well as a thermoforming machine for filling soft cottage cheese.

Thanks to this assortment, Molcom introduced the new brand Dessertel. This has greatly improved the design and appearance of the product.

New children's products appeared on the shelves. Children's fermented baked milk with a fat content of 3.2% is made using traditional technology. Cottage cheese for baby food with blueberries without added sugar is made from high quality milk by means of ultrafiltration, which allows getting a pleasant consistency and preserving all the beneficial properties.

The company's products are manufactured in accordance with the Clean Label concept, which implies a simple and clear composition, the absence of harmful additives, traditional recipes and gentle processing while maintaining the beneficial properties of milk.