Molcom introduced a Ritmilk branded yoghurt smoothie

Turkey production

Molcom introduced new types of yoghurt smoothies under the brand Ritmilk: Tropic and Detox. Now, in addition to spoonable high-protein and thin yogurts, the brand's range includes a fermented milk yoghurt smoothie, which contains about 25% of fruits and berries.

The Penza dairy processing plant (entering Damate Group), the largest milk processor in Penza region, presented new Ritmilk branded products - Tropic and Detox yogurt smoothies. Now, in addition to spoonable high-protein and drinking yoghurts, the brand's assortment includes a fermented milk yoghurt smoothie drink, which contains about quarter of fruits and berries. Tropic smoothie is a blend of mango, orange and pineapple, while Detox contains kiwi, feijoa and spinach.

The products are presented in Molcom brand stores, health food chains and retail outlets.

The novelties, like all Molcom products, support the Clean Label concept and contain only natural ingredients. Compliance with the concept is emphasized by the laconic design of the package, developed specifically for smoothies under the brand Ritmilk.

Ritmilk branded products are aimed at a new generation of consumers - a young, active audience, which, in addition to the taste of products, pays considerable attention to the composition of the product and its useful properties.

“We pay special attention to our new Ritmilk product line and try to follow the modern trends for a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. The technical capabilities of the enterprise allow us to produce products that meet customer demands. Low fat content, natural fruits and berries in the composition - this is exactly what the young audience expects from us, and we are ready to meet it halfway” said Valery Kolesnik, General Director of the Penza dairy plant.

The next stage of modernization of production facilities at the cost of 1.5 billion rubles is undderway at Molcom. The project is financed from the company's own funds and the credit resources of the Russian Agricultural Bank. The purpose of the modernization is to expand the product portfolio, improve product quality and increase the processing volume. Today Molcom is capable of processing up to 300 tons of raw milk per day. The assortment of the enterprise includes more than 100 types of products, including milk, fermented milk products, thin and thermostatic yoghurts, classic cottage cheese, soft cottage cheese, sour cream, cream, butter, baby food, curd mousses.