The number of cows of the Damate dairy complex in Tyumen exceeds 4600 heads

Dairy farming

The milking herd of the Tyumen dairy complex (part of Damate Group) exceeded the target of the second stage of 4,600 heads. At present, the total number of cattle in Damate is 9,000, of which 4,770 are cows. The complex produces 130 tons of milk per day. The average daily milk yield is 31 liters per day.

The increase in livestock is due to the systematic import of livestock from Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany, as well as insemination and calving of their own heifers. Livestock is purchased under the project to increase the capacity of the complex and imported in parallel with the construction of the third stage. Damate is completing the construction of the largest in Siberia dairy complex the Tyumen dairy farms, located in the Golyshmanovsky district of Tyumen region. As a result of the project, the number of cows will be increased from 4,600 to 6,000 heads; the gross milk yield of Damate Group will be 150 tons per day or 55 thousand tons per year.

In order to increase the complex’s output to the declared capacity, in 2019 the company carried out 2 deliveries of heifers of 430 heads each. The next batch of 440 heads of Holstein-Friesian breed will arrive at the Damate dairy farm in late January. Currently, heifers are in a 30-day quarantine in Germany, during which they will undergo all the necessary veterinary and sanitary treatments.

In addition, the complex continues regular calving. Damate specialists receive about 20 calvings every day, which will allow by the end of 2020 to reach the livestock of the third stage of the expansion project - 6,000 cows.