DAMATE Group is a Russian agricultural holding company holding company, involved in three businesses: turkey production and processing, dairy farming and milk processing.

23 February 2019

Skolkovo leadership gets familiar with the work of DAMATE Group

The CEO of LLC Skolkovo Ventures, Vasily Belov visited production facilities of DAMATE Group.

Deputy CEO of DAMATE for Economics and Finance, Stanislav Varich introduced the representative of Skolkovo to the work of Europe's largest plant for slaughter and processing of turkey. Special interest of the guest was caused by the technological solutions introduced at the plant using artificial intelligence.

Vasily Belov also visited the situation center of DAMATE Group, where operational indicators of all complex facilities are monitored in a real time mode. Experts of the company carry out control and analysis round-the-clock, operatively react to deviations.

"One of the priorities of DAMATE is the introduction of innovative solutions at all stages of production and company management. Therefore, the estimation of the solutions adopted and the discussion of promising projects with such an authoritative innovation center as Skolkovo are especially important for us," explained Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance of DAMATE, Stanislav Varich.

The representative of the innovation center highly appreciated the level of modern technologies introduced at the enterprises of DAMATE.

"The level of livestock development and the number of technologies adopted, everything that has been done here, is amazing. I am sure that new technologies will appear and develop in the production of DAMATE", - commented Vasily Belov.

 April 27, 2018