DAMATE Group is a Russian agricultural holding company holding company, involved in three businesses: turkey production and processing, dairy farming and milk processing.

16 February 2019

Turkey production


The turkey meat production project is the main asset of GC DAMATE in the Penza region. Construction of the complex has been started by unscrupulous investors many years ago, passed into GC DAMATE in 2011 being frozen and in a semi-detached state at the initial stage of construction.


The company management has analyzed the poultry meat market and decided to re-design the project and to resume construction of facilities. The project was completely revised and the target initial output was increased several times. Moreover the new project conceived a possibility for further output growth.

 As of now the complex for turkey growing and processing of GC DAMATE produces 60 thousand tons of finished products per year initiated the expansion of the project up to 100 thousand tons in carcass weight in 2018. The total investments into this project are over 25,6 billion Rubles. The key outside investor is OJSC “Rosselkhozbank”.

The complex for DAMATE turkey growing and processing has a vertically integrated structure with the full production cycle including the hatchery, the brooding and fattening farms, the slaughtering and meat processing plant and the feed production unit.

As part of the expansion project it is planned to increase the current capacity of the incubator by 9.4 million of eggs, to put into operation 36 brooding and 80 fattening poultry houses. In addition storage capacity of the elevator will be increased by 26 tons and an extra line with 15 tons / hour capacity will be established at the feed milling plant. GC "Damate" will also build a new slaughter plant with a capacity of 3 thousand heads per hour and will invest additional funds in the development of plant growing.

The  products under the "Indilayt" are realized nationwide through retail chains and retailers. In Autumn 2015 GC DAMATE started export. Cooperation with customers in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Serbia and West Africa was established. In Summer 2016 the company started turkey meat export to the European Union countries.














Incubation is the first phase of the turkey growing process. It is carried out in the DAMATE’s hatchery located in the Kolyshleyskiy District of the Penza Region. The facility production capacity is 2 million eggs per year. The eggs for incubation are supplied from Canada by Cuddy Farms Company being one of the world’s leaders in the hatching egg market. The hatching eggs are delivered weekly. In the hatchery the day-old poults are sorted out by quality and sex, debeaked and vaccinated. After this they are transported in special trucks to the brooding farm. In the second phase GC DAMATE plans to bring the incubation capacity to 10 million eggs per year and construction of a new hatchery for 8 million eggs in the Nizhnelomovskiy District of the Penza Region. Within one farm 4 barns are managed by only three specialists. In the brooding farm the day-old poults are kept for 42 days and after this they are moved to the fattening farm.


The brooding process of young birds is carried out at the special brooding farms located in the Kolyshleyskiy and Nizhnelomovskiy Districts. The project for 60 thousand tons envisages commissioning of 36 brooding farms which will receive day-old poults from own hatchery. All processes of feeding, watering, dosing, medication, ventilation and climate control are fully automated and this permits to increase the load per one operator to 5,000 heads (2 barns).


The process of turkey fattening is carried out at the specially equipped growing farms located in the Nizhnelomovskiy District. Each growing farm consists of eight specialized poultry barns; the capacity of each is approximately 12 thousand heads. The project envisages construction of 144 fattening barns. The period of fattening for hens (female turkeys) is 63 days and for toms (male turkeys) – 98 days. The fattening farms satisfy completely the biosafety requirements: all buildings are distanced from each other; each barn accommodates even-aged poultry; the strict sanitary requirements to the servicing staff are complied with.


The poultry processing plant in the Nizhnelomovskiy District of the Penza Region is one of the key elements in the production chain of the turkey growing and processing operations. The plant is commissioned in spring 2013. Its design processing capacity is 2000 hens and 1000 toms per hour. By the level of its technical equipment this plant currently has no analogs in Russia.

 Feed mill plant and grain elevator.

The vertically-integrated structure of the turkey growing complex involves commissioning of its own feed mill plant and a grain elevator. At present, the company carries out the construction of a feed mill plant in the territory of the grain elevator previously purchased by DAMATE in Nizhniy Lomov Town. Both the grain elevator and the feed mill plant will share the same production site to minimize transport costs of raw material supply to the plant.