Damate began supplying sheep to farms of the North Caucasus Federal District under the grant

Lamb Production

Damate delivered a batch of sheep within the framework of grants previously issued to farmers in the North Caucasus Federal District. A batch of 200 heads of highly productive Karachai breed arrived at the farm of Marat Salpagarov, working in Karachai region of the Karachai-Cherkess Republic. The imported livestock will improve the genetic indicators of the herd, accelerate the formation of livestock of a higher level and increase the quality of the final product.

Damate was the first in Russia to start working with sheep-breeding farms according to the contract farming model traditionally used in large western agricultural holdings. A fundamentally new approach implies that Damate concludes long-term agreements with the heads of the farms, under the terms of which the service company Damate provides resource and consulting support to farms. Damate's specialists advise and provide services to farmers in the field of feeding, veterinary medicine, genetics and breeding in accordance with modern technologies and standards of the agricultural industry. The farms, in their turn, undertake to supply Damate at a pre-agreed price a certain amount of products in accordance with the specified quality requirements.

Today, the company serves over 6 thousand hectares of farm pastures and over 90 thousand ewes.

“A highly efficient model of work gives us more opportunities for research and implementation of best practices,” said Rashid Khairov, General Director of Damate. “The chosen model allows farmers to minimize supply and demand risks, and introduce global safety and quality standards. In addition, contracts provide an opportunity to draw up optimal delivery schedules”.

Damate started issuing grants within the framework of the project for the production of lamb in the fall of 2020. The grants are aimed at the development and support of sheep farms and the industry as a whole. The grant can be received by both a farmer already cooperating with Damate and a future partner of the company.

Last year, following a competitive selection, grants worth 2.5 million rubles each were received by two sheep-breeding farms in the North Caucasus Federal District. Sheep farmers can use the funds received in two directions: the development of sheep breeding and cooperation with the service company Damate. Under the contract with the service company, the farmer receives a range of services among which are feeding, veterinary medicine and breeding in accordance with modern technologies and standards of the agricultural industry.

It should be reminded that Damate started the implementation of a project for the production of mutton in the North Caucasian Federal District in 2018. The structure of the project includes breeding and feeding grounds, a meat processing plant and a service company.