Damate conducts the first mass sheep insemination in the Stavropol Territory

Lamb Production

The service company of Damate is carrying out the first mass insemination of sheep in the farms of the Stavropol Territory as part of a mutton production project. By mid-December, a total of more than 5 thousand heads of sheep from 14 households and agricultural enterprises will be artificially inseminated.

Damate is completing the first mass insemination of sheep in the farms of the Stavropol Territory. The work is carried out by the service company Farmer-Service (entering Damate Group) in the framework of the project for the production of mutton in the North Caucasus Federal District. Insemination has begun in September and will last until mid-December 2020. During this time, over 5,000 heads of sheep will be artificially inseminated. 12 farms and 2 agricultural enterprises from the Stavropol and Krasnodar Territories took advantage of Damate's services. They all signed contracts with a service company.

“The goal of joint work of Damate and farms is to qualitatively improve the gene pool of sheep, provide the industry with modern genetic material for meat production, increase productivity, improve the meat characteristics of local breeds by crossing with highly productive foreign animals,” said Rashid Khairov, co-founder and general director of Damate - We pay special attention to cooperation with farms, because they are the raw material base of our project. Today, our joint efforts are aimed at improving the technology of keeping, feeding and breeding sheep, with an emphasis on meat production."

Under the terms of the agreement with the service company, farmers receive comprehensive support for farms, which includes consulting services, veterinary services, and the ability to organize feeding using highly efficient feed. The advantages of the service company Damate are the presence of foreign specialists from the leading countries in sheep breeding, its own laboratory and veterinary base, access to the most modern technologies of insemination, feeding and veterinary medicine.

The semen of seven most popular breeds in the world is used for insemination, which a year ago was brought from Great Britain and Holland to the experimental station of the All-Russian Research Institute of Sheep and Goat Breeding (VNIIOK) near Stavropol. Farmers who have signed contracts with the service company Damate are provided with detailed information about the productive characteristics of all breeds and the right to choose a breed in accordance with their needs. The most popular are the seeds of the Charolais, Ile-de-France and Zwartbles breeds.

The semen is taken directly at the VNIIOK site, and then it is transported by specialized transport of the service company throughout the territory of the region. Artificial insemination in farms is carried out by qualified employees of the service company who have undergone special training.

The first lambs will appear on farms in March next year. Farmers are given the opportunity to transfer them for further fattening to their own feedlot Damate in Achikulak village, Stavropol Territory or independently hand over to a meat processing enterprise.

Damate has launched a project for the production of mutton in the North Caucasus Federal District in 2018. The company plans to produce about 12.6 thousand tons of products per year. Investments in the new direction will amount to 3 billion rubles. These are the company's own funds and borrowed funds from Rosselkhozbank JSC. The project includes breeding and feeding grounds for 54 thousand livestock places, a meat processing plant and a service company.