Damate has started exporting products to Uzbekistan

Turkey production

Damate Group, the largest turkey producer in Russia, has started exporting turkey meat products to Uzbekistan on a monthly basis. The company has already shipped 18.5 tons of sausage products and semi-finished products under its own export brand Salima. According to preliminary estimates, the company will send more than 1.5 thousand tons of products worth more than 220 million rubles to the republic.

Entering the markets of Uzbekistan is an important step in the development of the export direction of Damate. Uzbekistan is the largest republic in Central Asia, its population exceeds the number of residents of all other countries in this region. The middle class is actively growing in the country, thanks to which the demand for fast food products and sausage products is increasing at a high rate

That is why Damate entered the market of Uzbekistan with products produced at a plant for deep processing of turkey. The entire supplied assortment is "Halal" certified, which is a great advantage of deliveries to the country. Meat delicacies and semi-finished products will be sold through organized retail channels and fast food restaurants.

"Access to the Uzbekistan market is strategically important for Damate. The location of the republic, the growing culture of consumption of sausage products, the presence of deep processing products in our country, and, importantly, under the "Halal" sign, made it possible to start exporting. We are sure that the residents of the republic will appreciate the products of Damate," said Rashid Khairov, General Director of Damate.

In 2021 Damate plans to expand the geography of halal products supplies at the expense of non-CIS countries. Currently, applications are being considered and negotiations with customers are underway.

Damate started shipping turkey meat for export in the fall of 2015. Today, Damate enterprises have permits to supply products to the countries of the European Union, the Eurasian Economic Union and 33 other countries, including China, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, African and Asian countries.