Damate increased the number of laboratory tests up to 1.6 million

Turkey production

Damate Group conducted 1.6 million studies in its own laboratories in 2022, which is 14% more than last year. The increase in the number of studies is due to the growth of production volumes and stricter internal requirements for quality and safety. Damate controls all stages of production from the acceptance of raw materials to the shipment of finished products.

Along with the growth in the number of studies, internal test sheet and the structure of research have changed this year. As a result of automation of laboratory processes and validation of alternative methods, Damate switches to express diagnostics, which reduces the time to obtain results, reduces the influence of the human factor, and also increases the objectivity and accuracy of tests.

The renewal of the laboratory facilities also contributed to the increase in the number of studies. In 2022, six additional analytical instruments were purchased from the world's leading manufacturers. Some of the new devices work according to the algorithm "artificial intelligence, AI", which is based on artificial neural networks embedded in the software.

Today, 1500 units of laboratory equipment installed in 14 laboratories in the Penza and Rostov regions allow for more than 550 different types of research.

The list of Damate laboratories includes veterinary diagnostic, microbiological production and physico-chemical laboratories of food production, chemical and technological laboratories of feed production, analytical testing laboratory centers, laboratories of local treatment facilities. In total, Damate laboratories are designed to conduct more than 2.5 million analyses, tests and studies per year. This volume is comparable to the scale of work of large federal testing centers.