Damate increased turkey production by 13% over 9 months of 2022

Turkey production

Damate, the largest turkey producer in Russia, produced 158 thousand tons over 9 months of 2022, which has seen almost 13% compared to the same period last year. The positive dynamics of production growth is due to the systematic implementation of the company's turkey-breeding projects in Penza and Rostov regions.

The complex in Rostov region increased turkey meat production volumes by 36% compared to 9 months of 2021, at the facilities in Penza, the growth is 7% compared to the same period.

In Rostov region, Damate demonstrates steady positive dynamics; the company produced 37.5 thousand tons of products over 9 months of 2022. A significant growth is associated with the restoration of the full production cycle and complex operation, its phased attainment of projected capacity. The company systematically carries out technical re-equipment and modernization of production, launches new lines, and expands the range of Indilight branded products. Much attention is paid to escalation of biosafety measures and compliance with the strictest standards and sanitary norms. An important step in the development of the project was the formation of its own parent flock of turkeys, which made it possible to reduce dependence on the import of genetic material, reduce biological risks and improve the quality of the incubation egg due to a shorter shelf life and by optimizing logistics. For a total, all these measures have a positive impact on the production performance of the enterprise.

In Penza region, Damate produced 120 thousand tons of turkey, which is 7% more compared to the same period last year. This is the result of a project for expansion of the poultry complex up to 207 thousand tons of products per year. The project includes the construction of 128 additional poultry houses for rearing and fattening, as well as high-tech infrastructure facilities by 2023. The growth of indicators was due to the launch of a new, Europe's largest, turkey further processing plant with a capacity of 303 tons per day and systematic work with the product range. In accordance with the schedule, the lines were ensured to full production capacity at the plant. Now the plant produces dry-cured sausages, hams, bologna type sausages and sausage products, sous-vide culinary products, as well as ready-to-eat semi-finished products.

Damate keeps implementing projects in Penza and Rostov regions and plans to reach production volumes of more than 230 thousand tons of turkey meat by the end of 2022.

It should be recalled that Damate Group has been a leader in turkey meat production in Russia since 2016 and is one of the ten largest turkey producers in the world.