Damate increased turkey production by 15% in 2020

Turkey production

Damate Group produced 151 thousand tons of turkey in 2020. For the third time, the company has confirmed its position as the largest producer of turkey meat in the Russian Federation according to the producer rating compiled by Agrifood Strategies. Damate's share of the country's turkey meat market is 46%.

In 2020, the company showed positive dynamics and increased production by 15% compared to 2019. Damate produced 149 thousand tons of turkey meat at a complex in Penza region, 2 thousand - at facilities in Rostov region.

The increase in production volumes was due to the completion in Penza region of a project for expansion of capacities up to 155 thousand tons per year and the restart of a turkey production complex in Rostov region.

As of today, the vertically integrated complex in Penza region fulfils a full production cycle that includes: 2 incubators with a total capacity of 24.2 million eggs per year, 520 growing and fattening grounds, 3 elevators for 210 tons of one time storage, 2 feed mills for 448 thousand tons of feed per year and a high-tech plant for turkey slaughter and processing with a capacity of up 155 thousand tons per year.

Damate has launched a project to restart turkey meat production in Rostov region in the summer of 2020. For 6 months the company has restored all stages of production. An incubator, 44 poultry houses for keeping parent herd, 120 growing and fattening poultry houses, a feed mill, an elevator and a poultry processing plant with a planned capacity of 85 thousand tons of products per year were put into operation. Thanks to the restart of the poultry processing plant in the town Shakhty, Rostov region, Damate began production at the end of 2020. In 2021, Damate will continue to gradually increase its capacity to the planned level.