Damate is at the top of the largest producers in Russia for the fifth time

Turkey production

According to the results of 2022, Damate Group ranked the top place among the largest Russian turkey producers for the fifth year in a row, annually issued by AgrifoodStrategies agency and the National Association of Turkey Producers (NATP).

According to the agency, the total production of turkey meat in Russia amounted to 415 thousand tons, which is 3.6% more than in 2021. According to the rating, the top 5 companies produced 345.1 thousand tons of turkey meat, it is 83.2% against 80% a year earlier.

Damate has increased the production of turkey meat up to 216 thousand tons, adding 8% to last year's figure. The positive dynamics of production growth is the result of the systematic implementation of turkey breeding projects in Penza and Rostov regions. In Penza region, the company produced 166 thousand tons of turkey and more than 50 thousand tons in Rostov region.

The overall growth of the holding's indicators is due to the continuation of the project to increase the capacity of the project in Penza region up to 207 thousand tons per year. Last year, new facilities were launched as part of the project: a poultry unit and a feed mill with an elevator.

Significant growth in Rostov region is associated with the relaunch of the largest turkey breeding complex in the region with a capacity of 85 thousand tons of meat per year. The company restored the operation of the enterprise as soon as possible and launched a full production cycle, as well as commissioned a slaughtering and processing plant, which promoted the start of production and delivery to federal and local networks. In 2022, Damate upgraded the existing lines, launched a new meat slicing line. The company gradually brought the capacities of all production facilities to the planned indicators, worked with the range of products and the geography of deliveries.

The tasks of the holding for the current year are to continue the implementation of turkey breeding projects and ensure the stable operation of enterprises with an increase in turkey meat production.