Damate launched duck slaughter and processing plant in Rostov region

Turkey production

Damate Group has launched a duck slaughter and processing plant in the Millerovsky district of Rostov region as part of a project to restore the country's largest duck production complex with a capacity of 16.5 thousand tons per year.

The first batch of 10 thousand heads arrived at the plant on December 12 from its own feeding area. Further, the slaughter and processing of duck will take place in accordance with the schedule.

In 2020, Damate plans to produce 200 tons of duck in Rostov region. The complex will reach the design indicators in stages as all production facilities are launched. The vertically integrated structure of the duck production complex includes an incubator, parent herd grounds, commercial duck breeding grounds, a processing plant, as well as an elevator and a compound feed production department. The restart of the project will create 900 jobs in the region.


“Resumption of works at the country's largest duck factory is not an easy and responsible task. With the launch of the plant and the appearance of the first products, we actually launched a full production cycle from incubation to processing. Our future plans include a gradual, planned increase in production through the restoration and commissioning of production facilities of the complex”, said Rashid Khairov, General Director of Damate.

“It is important that Damate Group is gradually putting into operation capacities for the production of turkey and duck meat, which fully complies with the agreements and plans,” stressed Viktor Goncharov, First Deputy Governor of Rostov region.” At the end of November, turkey meat processing was resumed. As of now, the production at the duck processing plant is being restored, after the launch of which a full production cycle from poultry growing to slaughtering and manufacturing finished products will be organized. This will lead to expansion of the range of finished products, and the resumption of work of related industries, including the feed mill. The provision of jobs for the rural population, where turkey and duck production complexes are located is also important. For our part, we provide support from the regional budget by subsidizing enterprises to purchase hatching eggs.”


The design capacity of the plant is 4,000 heads per hour. The modern equipment from Western manufacturers is installed at the enterprise. Damate specialists pay special attention to the observance of sanitary and hygienic standards. For this purpose, sanitary access gates with automatic equipment have been installed at all parts of the plant, which undergoes sanitization of the hands and footwear of personnel before entering production.

The plant's technical capacity for slaughter and processing of duck allows manufacturing more than 50 types of products. Damate plans to sell duck meat products under the new brand Ozerka. The assortment line includes a whole duck carcass, as well as large and small lumpy products, various marinated products.

The products will be presented in federal and local retail chains, in traditional retail outlets, as well as in HoReCa channel establishments. Damate is also considering export deliveries.

Damate started duck production in May 2020 after signing an agreement on the concession of the rights of the requirements with Rosselkhozbank JSC for obligations of Donstar LLC, which owned the largest in Russia complex for the industrial production of duck meat with a capacity of 16.5 thousand tons per year. New Duck Farms LLC (entering Damate Group) became the new creditor. The company leased the Donstar property complex and began to resume production: in October 2020, it began delivering hatching duck eggs to the incubator, in November 2020, Damate Group delivered the first batch of day old poults.