Damate started exporting turkey to Caribbean countries

Turkey production

Damate has begun exporting turkey meat to the Caribbean, the first containers have been shipped to Haiti this week. Exports to a region where the United States has traditionally been the main turkey supplier is made possible by a highly competitive price-performance ratio.

Damate Group has begun exporting turkey meat to the Caribbean. The first country to buy was Haiti, where several containers of products have been exported this week. In total, Damate plans to supply 135 tons of turkey to this country in August and September this year.

In the near future, Damate plans to expand the range of exports to Haiti through deep processing products manufactured at a new plant in Penza region. To this end, the company has already applied for permits.

“For us, as a major turkey meat producer, this region is strategically important. The fact is that historically countries such as Mexico or Chile have always been large consumers of turkey; it is very widely used in traditional national cuisines. In addition, unlike Russia, where turkey has long been considered a rare festive dish, these countries have a developed culture of consumption of this meat and there is no need for its additional popularization,” said Rashid Khairov, General Director of Damate Group.

The main producer and exporter of turkey meat in the world market is the United States, which traditionally exports it to Mexico and other Central American countries. This is due not only to the geographic proximity of the supplier, but also to the bilateral and multilateral regional free trade agreements NAFTA and CAFTA. Russia does not have such agreements yet, but this has not become an obstacle to the successful establishment of Russian turkey supplies to this region due to the highly competitive price-quality ratio of products.

The globalization of international supplies allows Damate to have competent prices for the transportation of products to Caribbean countries, and the expansion of the supply of downstream products should increase the economic efficiency of export operations to the Latin American region.