Damate tripled turkey meat export in 2020

Turkey production

Damate Group, the largest turkey producer in the Russian Federation, is summing up the results of export deliveries of turkey meat products in 2020. In 12 months, the export volume has more than tripled compared to 2019 and exceeded 5,000 tons.

During the year, the products were delivered to countries such as Benin, Vietnam, Gabon, Ghana, Republic of Guinea, Hong Kong, Democratic Republic of Congo, China, Kuwait, Liberia, UAE, Equatorial Guinea, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine

The largest volume of products - 2.5 thousand tons - was shipped to South-East Asia. Over 1.5 thousand tons were sold to the countries of West Africa.

The assortment of products sold abroad includes anatomical parts and semi-finished products from turkey meat, such as drumstick, turkey wing, thigh and breast fillet. In 2020, the company significantly increased sales of branded products abroad.

Damate began to develop its export direction in 2015. The company has permits to export products to the countries of the European Union, the EAEU and 18 other countries of the world, including the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, countries of Africa and the Middle East. In 2020, Damate became the only company to receive the export permit and began exporting turkey products to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.