First lambing at Damate

Turkey production

Damate Group received the first lambs at a mutton production project. The first lambing began on April 5 at the experimental station of the All-Russian Research Institute of Sheep and Goat Breeding (VNIIOK) near Stavropol. To date, several lambs of the Swift and Charolais breeds have already been reproduced.

Most coot sheep bring twins, and some triplets. On average, newborn lambs weigh 4-5 kilograms. Unlike traditional breeds of sheep, lambs of new crosses gain weight from the first day of life, the average daily gain reaches 400 grams.

The first lambs also appeared on the farms of Stavropol Farmer LLC (Lamb Production Project Operator) in Chegem town. At the end of April - beginning of May, a mass lambing of about 700 animals is expected here.

Lambs from the first lambing were the result of joint research and technological work in the field of genetics and reproduction of the company's experts and employees of VNIIOK. Damate brought the first batch of valuable sheep breed to use the gene pool in October 2019. The party represented 134 animals of foreign selection aged 1 to 2 years. Pure-bred sheep-producers and ewes arrived at Damate from leading breeders from Holland and Great Britain.

It should be reminded, that Damate Group has launched the project for the production of mutton in 2018. The project is being implemented in the Stavropol Territory, the Karachay-Cherkess Republic and includes three areas: a service company, feeding and breeding grounds, and a meat processing plant.