Halal brand Salima from Damate is now in Russia

Turkey production

Damate Group has started supplying halal products to the Russian market under the Salima brand, which was created for export purposes in the spring of 2021.

In the Russian Federation, the Salima range will be presented with chilled products, which include minced meat, breast fillet, “Eastern” gosht, bone-in thigh fillet, and shurpa portion. All products are manufactured from the turkey raised by company.

The packaging design is made in the Eastern style, and the brand name Salima in Arabic means "healthy" and "safe", which fully reflects the brand's philosophy.

All products of the brand Salima have three Halal certificates – from the International Center for Standardization and Certification of the Halal Council of Muftis of Russia and the Halal Certification Center of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulftic-ICSC, which allows exporting products to the Persian Gulf countries. Thus, Damate confirms that it has successfully passed the audit of the expert commission and guarantees compliance of its enterprises and products with all the high requirements and standards of relevant departments.

Damate has started selling halal products under Salima brand due to high demand in the market and its further growth, as the number of consumers of halal food continues to increase. Today, Halal is gaining popularity not only in Muslim countries, but also in Russia. And the special mark "Halal" becomes synonymous with healthy lifestyle due to its composition and production technologies. The brand's products have already proven themselves well in the countries of the near and far abroad and are successfully sold in Qatar, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

In the near future, Damate plans to develop distribution throughout the country, as well as launch deep-processing products under the Salima brand - a line of sausage products.