New Damate laboratory received a license to conduct research

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The new veterinary diagnostic laboratory of Damate Group confirmed compliance with all state sanitary and epidemiological standards and received a license to conduct experimental, diagnostic research on microorganisms that cause infectious diseases in humans and animals, as well as the right to issue official conclusions based on the research results. The conclusions of the laboratory are now legally binding throughout Russia.

Damate built its own laboratory in Penza region in 2020. Thus, 113 units of high-tech equipment are installed in it, which allows to carry out more than 300 different types of analyzes.

The laboratory is equipped with high-tech facilities for molecular microbiology, microbiological express analyzers, and automatic sample preparation systems. This allows to obtain analytical results with high accuracy and specificity in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to a modern laboratory, Damate has strengthened control over the quality and safety of finished products and now has the ability to quickly check the production environment, analyze the raw materials and feed used. The laboratory is an independent diagnostic tool that allowed Damate to obtain objective results and, thereby, prevent possible emergency situations and speed up decision-making on identified inconsistencies.

“Cooperation of our own laboratory with quality department and production veterinary and sanitary service Damate gives us the opportunity to promptly monitor the entire technological chain from egg to counter”. With the help of the data obtained, specialists analyze the situation; react in a timely manner to deviations. At the same time, the company now has no need to apply to third-party organizations”, commented Rashid Khairov, General Director of Damate Group.

The licensing procedure is mandatory for all institutions that conduct research on microorganisms that cause infectious diseases in humans or animals. The decisive factors for obtaining a license by Damate laboratory were the availability of production equipment, high competence and qualifications of specialists, as well as compliance with all biosafety requirements within the technological laboratory process.

The obtaining of the license was preceded by a long and serious preparatory work on the part of Damate. Preparation for licensing took place in stages and included the approval of the laboratory project by Rospotrebnadzor Office of Penza region, training and certification of employees, certification of workplaces for working conditions, development of internal documents of the quality management system.

The laboratory also received a sanitary and epidemiological conclusion based on the results of checking compliance with the requirements for biological safety, protection of the population and environmental protection.

The experts who carried out the inspection control noted that this is the best laboratory in the region in terms of technical equipment and the level of work organization. In the near future, Damate facility will be recommended as a methodological platform and a model for the implementation of innovative solutions in this area.

At the moment the laboratory staffed with highly qualified specialists, among them are veterinarians, microbiological engineers, laboratory assistants and orderlies. The staff began to conduct full-fledged research.