Damate commissioned poultry houses in the Mokshansk district

Turkey production

At the end of 2019, Damate, one of the largest producers of turkey meat in Russia, completed the construction of 32 houses in Potma village, the Mokshansk district, Penza Region. Thus, the company fulfilled the plan for the construction of 64 poultry houses in the framework of ​​the project to expand the production and processing capacities of turkey up to 155 thousand per year. A total of 488 houses will be built under the project in Penza region.

A breeding site consisting of 8 houses and designed for 264 thousand seats was commissioned in the Mokshansk district. More than one million turkey poults will be raised and fed this year. In addition, 24 new turkey feeding buildings for 252 thousand seats were put into operation. This will allow fattening a total of more than one million heads.

Thanks to the commissioning of new poultry houses, Damate provided more than 50 people with jobs. In total, 103 people work at the company's facilities in the Mokshansk district. Damate guarantees decent wages to employees, creates modern jobs and conditions for professional development, and also implements its own social policy for staff.

It should be reminded that Damate began active business in the Mokshansk region in 2018. There are 16 breeding and 48 feeding houses in the district. In addition, the company manages more than 5.8 thousand hectares of land used for fodder production.