Damate to create more than 1000 jobs in 2020

Turkey production

In 2020, Damate Group plans to create more than a thousand jobs in Penza and Tyumen regions, as well as in the Stavropol Territory. The creation of new jobs is associated with the launch of new production capacities and expansion of the existing ones as well as with expansion of the land bank.

In 2020, the largest number of vacancies will be open in Penza region at turkey production and processing enterprises, where a project for expansion of production capacities up to 155 thousand tons per year is being implemented. More than 600 people will start working at facilities for turkey production and processing located in Nizhnelomov, Kolyshley, Spassk, Mokshansk, Pachelmsk, Vadinsk districts of the region. Production workers, machine operators, laboratory technicians, veterinarians, electricians, repair technicians, electricians, as well as agronomists and heads of poultry farming sites will be in demand.

As part of the milk processing project, more than 20 jobs will be created at the Penza dairy processing plant, due to the ongoing modernization of capacities and the introduction of new production lines. This year, the company will open vacancies for production lines operators, specialists of the situational center, foremen and others.

Last year, Damate completed the expansion of the dairy complex in Tyumen region from 4.6 up to 6 thousand heads. In 2020, the complex is scheduled to reach full production capacity. It is planned to hire about 30 people during the year - these are locksmiths, mechanics, and animal care operators.

Damate will create more than 350 new jobs in the Stavropol Territory, where the implementation of the mutton production project is being implemented.

As part of the personnel policy, Damate hires both employees with work experience in production and agriculture, as well as specialists from other industries. For this purpose, a corporate university is working at Damate, so employees have the opportunity to undergo retraining. Classes are held both in full-time and remotely on the training portal Damate.

“Today, more than 40% of employees working for the company came to us from other professional fields. Having its own corporate university gives Damate the opportunity to conduct monthly re-profiling and advanced training for more than 150 people. The lecturers are leading experts and heads of production departments who are ready to share their knowledge and experience,” said Polina Konnova, Damate's Deputy Director for HR.