Duck processing

16.5 thousand

tons per year


heads per hour



Damate is the country's largest duck slaughter and processing plant, is the most important link in full-cycle production. 

Damate specialists pay much attention to compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards. For this purpose, sanitary inspection rooms are organized at all sections of the plant, which guarantee sanitization of the hands and shoes of personnel before entering production.

Duck is a waterfowl, it is covered with feathers and down, the removal of which requires special technologies. Following stunning and exsanguination, poultry carcasses are immersion scalded into a bath with hot water, the carcasses then go through plucking machines to remove the main part of the plumage. Next, the carcasses are submerged in molten wax mass, where the waxing process takes place - the removal of hard-to pick fin feathers. Evisceration takes place immediately after waxing. Next, the carcasses being transported into evaporative cooling poultry house. At the end, the specialist checks the quality of defeathering, and the carcasses are sent to the cut-up department.


  • Modern equipment

  • Sanitary and hygienic compliance monitoring