Halal production

Damate Group has been producing halal products since 2013. The company annually successfully passes an audit for the compliance of the company's production processes with the requirements and norms of Islam and confirms the Halal certificate.

The audit is conducted by experts from the International Center for Halal Standardization and Certification of the Council of Muftis of Russia. Experts access the entire technological chain of turkey meat production, analysis of production, warehouse and administrative premises, production and technological documentation and raw materials used in poultry feeding and production.

Our certificate:

Certificate Halal National Mark 04.06.20202022-11-11_14-21-22.pngCertificate PENZAMOLINVEST


  • Manufacturing processes at the turkey slaughter and processing plant comply with stringent bio and sanitary standards

  • All production processes comply with the norms of Islam

  • The staff of the enterprise strictly adheres to the requirements of the Halal production standard

  • All ingredients used in production are Halal certified

  • In 2020, Damate was one of the first in Russia to implement the Halal management system