Damate got the first lamb born using embryo transfer technologies in the North Caucasus Federal District

Lamb Production

Damate carried out the first embryo transfer as part of a mutton production project in the North Caucasus Federal District. As follows from the operation, the first lamb was obtained from the highly productive Charolais breed.

Damate Group keeps introducing reproductive technologies into the mutton production project in the North Caucasus Federal District. An experimental embryo transfer resulted in the first lamb. This is the first embryo transfer in the south of Russia using foreign meat breeds and the first where the technology for transporting embryos was developed. Damate told about this during the All-Russian Exhibition of Pedigree Sheep and Goat, held from May 24th to 28th in Volgograd city.

“Introduction of modern technologies for embryo transplantation in the Damate mutton project is an important step in the development of the sheep breeding industry not only in the Caucasus region, but also in the country as a whole. Embryo transfer will certainly exceed the gene pool and quickly increase the number of highly productive meat breeds in the industry, as well as reduce reliance on imports of sheep,” said Leonid Khanukaev, head of Damate sheep breeding department.

The embryo transfer method is based on the use of biomaterial from sires. Especially for this, Damate maintains its own breeding sheep fund of elite breeds. They are well adapted to the climate of the North Caucasus Federal District and have valuable breed qualities.

Works on the preparation and transplantation of embryos was carried out in several stages. At the end of 2021, the specialists of the service company carried out the in vitro fertilization of the donor ewe (the embryo is formed in the body), after 5 days they performed the extraction of the embryos, after which the finished embryo was transplanted to the recipient for gestation for 5 months. The Volgograd Merino ewe was chosen as the recipient for the embryo transfer.

Yarka of Charolais breed, weighing 5.7 kg was born at the end of April. On the 17th day weight was 13.7 kg with an average daily gain of 470 grams.

It should be reminded that Damate is actively developing reproductive technologies in the lamb production project. The company conducts laparoscopic insemination of sheep, only in 2021 1.2 thousand procedures were performed, it also uses hormonal synchronization of cycles in sheep.