Damate increased duck production by 65% up to 17.9 thousand tons in 2022

Duck Production

Damate Group increased the production of duck meat by 65% up to 17.9 thousand tons or 24.5 thousand tons in live weight in 2022. The positive growth dynamics is the result of the systematic implementation of the poultry project of the company in Rostov region.

As part of the restoration of the vertically integrated duck production complex, New Duck Farms LLC (part of Damate Group) commissioned an incubator, parent herd sites, commercial duck rearing sites, a processing plant, as well as a feed production workshop. In 2022, the company gradually carried out the modernization of the enterprise and brought these production facilities to the planned capacity.

In addition, Damate has completed formation of its own parent flock of 70 thousand ducks. The main goal is to reduce dependence on the import of incubation eggs and minimize biological risks.

Today, Ozerka branded products are sold in federal and local networks, retail and HoReCa channels throughout the country. At the end of 2021, the first batch of halal duck products was shipped to the United Arab Emirates.

"To date, according to our assessment, Damate has taken a leading position in the duck market; the production capacity of the poultry complex is 100 percent involved. We have fully provided ourselves with an incubation egg, formed a professional team of specialists, and significantly increased the biosafety issues of the enterprise. During the year, we expanded the range of duck products, which has excellent taste characteristics and the highest quality," said Mikhail Pleshanov, General Director of New Duck Farms LLC.

Damate has started producing duck in May 2020. The company has leased the largest property complex in Russia for the industrial production of duck meat and has begun to resume production. The restoration of the duck production enterprise is being implemented in stages and is of great social importance. The restart of the project allowed to create more than 1,000 jobs in the region.

The company plans for the current year to continue the implementation of the project in the region and ensure the stable operation of the enterprise.