Damate carried out genotyping of 10 thousand heads of cattle at a dairy complex in Tyumen region

Dairy farming

Damate keeps improving the structure of the herd at the dairy complex in Tyumen region with the help of genetic technologies. For three years, the company has carried out genotyping and determined the genetic potential of 10 thousand heads.

Damate keeps developing a project on cattle genotyping and over three years has determined the genetic potential of 10 thousand heads at a dairy complex in Tyumen region. The project is aimed at improving the structure of the herd and creating a nucleus of animals.

Damate was the first in Russia to begin work on the assessment of the breeding value of cows and carried out genotyping of the entire herd. At the end of 2019, the company launched genotyping of cattle aged 5-7 months, and since 2020, genotyping of all heifers on the farm has been being carried out on an ongoing basis. Highly rated animals are systematically introduced into the herd.

Innovative technology makes it possible to reveal the hidden genetic potential and breeding value of cows immediately after birth. Testing enables to track and replace low-value animals, and create a herd of the most profitable fertile animals with excellent productive indicators and high resistance to diseases.

In addition, genotyping helps predict the economic performance of the farm in the long term, enables to reduce feed costs by selecting animals with low conversion, to receive additional young breeder for sale.

The technology of genomic evaluation is carried out on the sample basis – a skin plucking from an animal's ear. Passing the selection, each heifer receives an ear tag with an international identification number, which later allows checking all the information about the animal in the database of genotypes of the Holstein breed. The skin sample is sent to the genomic laboratory, where specialists decode DNA to confirm the pedigree of the cow, determine the breeding value of the animal, its economically useful signs, genetic anomalies and recessive genes. As a result, each animal receives a genomic passport, after which a chromosomal selection of a breeding bull is carried out.

It should be recalled that Damate launched projects in the field of genetics on a farm in Tyumen region a few years ago. In addition to genomic testing, the company develops the technology of embryotransfer, IVF.