Damate develops breeding cattle sales

Dairy farming

Damate Group keeps developing breeding livestock and increases sales of highly productive cattle from its own breeding reproducer in Tyumen region. In 2023, the company plans to sell about 800 heads of breeding animals. To this end, the company has expanded the capacity of production sites through the construction of two open livestock pens.

Breeding work is carried out on the basis of the largest dairy complex in Siberia Damate for 6 thousand heads of dairy herd, the company received the status of a breeding reproducer and started selling highly productive heifers and bred heifers of the Holstein-Frisian breed in 2019.

Holstein-Frisian cattle are bred on the farm for sale. The breed is well adapted to cold climates and is resistant to low temperatures. The average daily yield exceeds 30 liters per head.

The status of the breeding farm confirms that all the cattle kept at the complex are purebred and meet the requirements for breeding stock, the conditions of housing and feeding comply with standards, modern equipment has been installed, advanced technologies have been introduced at all stages of the process in accordance with the latest trends in animal husbandry. Livestock accounting is fully complied on the farm using modern soft ware for herd management; the farm is safe for infectious diseases. The company is staffed with highly qualified personnel.

The construction of new pens is another step in the development of breeding business at the complex. Open housing of animals has a number of advantages and will have a positive impact on the health of cattle. Animals get more sunlight, clean air, so the risk of diseases decreases, which has a positive effect on future milk yields. In addition, animals kept outdoors are under the round-the-clock supervision of the staff and specialists of the farm. The pens are equipped with video surveillance, thanks to which specialists, analysts, managers online can monitor the behavioral reactions of animals, livestock and veterinary activities, feeding.

It should be recalled that Damate opened a dairy complex in Tyumen region in 2017 the year. To date, the number of cattle on the farm is 12560 heads, of which 5695 are cows.